Management audit/ Hr due dilligence

Creating a better tomorrow

The strategic reason for a Management Audit can vary from client to client. Applying the best approach based on the unique business needs, seniority of the executive and depth of insight required, our assessment experts help organizations distinguish the exceptional executives from the good. We evaluate what executives have done in past roles and what they can do in the future, based on what the business needs. We provide executives with a core set of actionable, high-impact development priorities that can realistically be addressed. The main reasons for conducting the audit is in relation to mergers or acquisitions, organisational change, strategy when implementing a new strategy or whenever a mapping of an organisation’s leader-resources is required.

Awexia will as an external objective partner assess designated roles and people in our client’s organisation. The key aspects of the assessment is to identify and analyse leadership qualities and other strategic aspects. The results of the assessment will deliver a clear picture of current leadership capabilities and capacity in combination with future management talent potential identification.